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Multifunctional platform

for the Accounting Office and Clients


Recognition of invoices through the OCR system allows  reduce costs by up to 50%

entering documents.


HP MFP I LaserJet Pro 400 M426fdw MFP


The application reads the scanned documents and automatically completes the information from the invoice. This allows you to export them to a file and import them in the accounting software you use in your office.
  - now also available  reading bank statements  from PDF and  reading goods items from invoices .


Reading Documents

Brother Skaner Scanner ADS2400N 1200dpi
Brother Skaner Scanner ADS2400N 1200dpi
HP PageWide Pro 477dw.png

HP PageWide printer

Pro MFP 477dw

Check how easy it is to work in the company

with Reading Documents SaldeoSMART

  • On line price from 200 PLN net, monthly

  • 30 days free without any  costs

  • - assistant care  accountant


Price in a monthly subscription   - On line from PLN 200 net per month


  • 30 days free without any  costs - assistant care  accountant

  • up to 500  pages read 

  • unlimited number  office users

  • on-line access for you and your clients

  • electronic document archive

  • advanced search engine

  • attachments to documents

  • integration with the accounting program of the accounting office

  • and a lot more...


Scanning documents and reading in SaldeoSMART

You add the file with invoices received in PDF to the application. If you get your invoices on paper, you don't need to scan each one individually. With an autofeed scanner, you scan a batch of documents into a single file.
SaldeoSMART will divide the file into individual invoices and read from them the data: contractor, number, dates (issue, delivery / service completion, payment date), goods items and amounts (net, gross and VAT broken down into rates).


Verification and categorization of documents

Information on the amount of recognized data appears with each document. 
Thanks to the easy-to-use document preview, you can quickly assign categories to documents, in accordance with the subsequent accounting principle in the accounting program.
There is no need to reach for paper invoices - their preview is visible on the monitor.


Import of documents to the accounting software

The file for import is downloaded from SaldeoSMART - compatible with the accounting program or ERP system on which the company works. Thanks to the import schemes adapted to the previously assigned document categories, the import process is fast and effective.
Additionally, we have quick access to the document preview directly in the accounting software.


Communication with the client is an innovative program for the accounting office .

It is an online platform for offices and their clients, which enables, inter alia, sending accounting settlements to clients of offices, providing online invoicing software by offices, access to the Human Resources module and employee e-files, as well as running an online company's cash register. Working with Customer Communication is a choice of modern accounting and a solution prepared for Polish accounting offices.

Price in a monthly subscription   - On line from PLN 109 net, per month


  • up to 10 accounts   Customers in the package, each additional PLN 8 net 

  • invoicing module for clients of the office

  • electronic document archive

  • advanced search engine

  • payment control of sales invoices

  • downloading invoices to JPK_FA

  • control of tax and social security payments

  • integration with the accounting program of the accounting office

  • and a lot more...


Document Workflow Package

This is an extension of the Document Reading Package with the possibility of configuration by an accounting office
workflow for the company as part of the electronic document archive.

Company documentation in one place.

Thanks to new types of documents, the company creates a comprehensive repository  - in one place, both accountants and employees of the company who have access to the Panel in SaldeoSMART will be able to add, archive and view company documents. New types are also included in the document search engine, so they can also be searched by any parameters - currently this applies to Proform, and  also Agreements and Letters, which will also be read in terms of the use of a full-text document search engine.

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