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Are you buying for a company? We will pay for you

Indicate what you would like to buy for your company and we will pay for you. Collect your purchases and earn money now - take advantage of a lease or a leasing loan and write off the fees to the company's costs.

When you buy for a company, you will throw in the costs of your business all the fees that you pay in connection with the leasing. In addition, if you are a VAT payer, you will deduct VAT from each invoice issued by us.

Advantages of leasing:

  • without the need to complete and send unnecessary applications or documents,

  • online access - at any time, every day,

  • a repayment schedule tailored to your needs,

  • guarantee of a credit decision within 2 minutes,

  • instant payment for your purchases after accepting the contract,

  • the possibility of introducing purchases into the company's operating costs.

Required informations:

  • company data: NIP, REGON, KRS (in the case of companies),

  • PESEL number,

  • ID card number, date and authority issuing the document,

  • registered address.

Choose a product with a value from PLN 500 net - PLN 50 thousand. PLN net and check the Leasing for companies 24/7 option, customer service and process around the clock, every day of the week

You can arrange everything online

Minimum formalities

Contact regarding equipment leasing:


t: 58 3331 016

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