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Printer service
and photocopiers
Having a problem with your printer?
Send us your printer!

  • Too many sheets of paper?

  • Paper is jammed inside?

  • The printout is dirty and not durable?

Cleaning and maintenance of the printer

As part of this service, the service performs an inspection and assesses the technical condition of the printer.


It checks the paper path, the paper feeding mechanism, rubber elements such as rollers, rollers, belts, heating element, and cleans the inside of the printer.



Tonercase is more  than an online store.  It is the belief that everything we create and offer should have a positive impact  on our society the natural environment.  Within this belief, we want to be sure  that our company, products, employees and suppliers act socially and responsibly.



Check  large selection of alternative consumables for printers, copiers and faxes. Replacement print cartridges meet the highest level of quality and ensure  reliable printing of both text and graphics. The printing cartridges are supplied by leading replacement manufacturers. They are not counterfeit or remanufactured print cartridges.



We provide originals, replacements

(in 98% of cases in 2 to 3 days)  for printers from leading manufacturers of printing devices:   HP, Epson, Samsung, Canon,  Kyocera, OKI, Minolta, Xerox, Lexmark, Dell, Panasonic,  Ricoh, Brother. 

Online shop

grants a manufacturer's warranty for the delivered goods, the duration of which is set for 12 months.  We do not sell  fakes or  regenerated  toners.

Only full-fledged replacements!

XERO PAPER - 500 sheets of 80g / A4

Cardboard, 2500 A4 sheets always with toners, ink cheaper.  Discount  -10%

Our offer includes dedicated papers  for printers and plotters: ​

Paper  80/90 g A4 - 2,500/1250 sheets for laser, inkjet, color, black and white printers.  Delivery,  Bringing printers including toners for free!

economy Xerox.jpg


Printers / service

We deliver  printers, multifunction devices  and other equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. Our offer also includes inks, toners and consumables for many types of printers and multifunction devices. Replacements and originals



Paper  80/90  / 160  g  for plotters, CAD / GIS / AEC.  Delivery,  always free of charge, including printer toners!

For the comfort of our customers, we offer dust-free,  the highest quality papers  INK - JET,  with very high whiteness and a high degree of loosening. It has certificates such as: FSC, PEFC, ECF,  ISO14001, EMAS, DIN EN-71, ISO9706 as well as DIN 6723 and DIN6724. Ideal  for all types of plotters. It is suitable for pigment printing as well as for working plotters  based on water carcasses.

Always with toners, with ink cheaper.



All Tonercase products, components used and  Packaging materials will be subjected to  recycling to reduce landfilling and the use of natural resources.

In addition,  is progressing

close  with guidelines   in terms of

environmental protection  in its production to minimize pollution and waste.

Send used toners and inks at our expense 

Each toner, ink purchased in our company you can ship to us free of charge.  

To ship the toners at our expense, please pack

min 15-20  cassettes and order free shipping - Bill of lading.

for toners and inks purchased in another company, we charge a fee of PLN 3 gross per unit.  

Please contact me before shipping.  


We send the bill of lading by e-mail. The shipment is already paid for, the courier will show up for the parcel on the day next.

The cardboard box should be additionally sealed with a filler so as not to damage the transported cassettes.

It can be old newspapers, foil or other cushioning material to protect the contents. 

 a single parcel cannot exceed 30 kg.

Shipment to the address: indicated on the Ecoboks Label.

Disposal of toners

In addition to the empty cartridges we collect, there is a whole range of cartridges  laser and inkjet machines, for which there is no need. This applies to rarer brands or technologically outdated models and other useless consumables.
This type of waste can only be completely recycled.  


Consider the following environmental facts:


  • Toner distribution can last up to 1000 years in the landfill.

  • Each recycled toner saves approximately 3 liters of crude oil.

  • The recycling process reduces carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 25% compared to the production of a new cartridge.

  • By recycling toners, inks you will have your share, to keep our planet clean for all of us !

Ecoboks program. You save! You gain!   You help!

Roll paper - 80/90  / 160  g 

for plotters, CAD / GIS / AEC

widths from 297 mm to 1524 mm

Delivery,  always free of charge, including printer toners!

For the comfort of our customers, we offer dust-free,  the highest quality papers

INK - JET, with a very high whiteness and a high degree of loosening. It has certificates such as: FSC, PEFC, ECF, ISO14001, EMAS, DIN EN-71, ISO9706,

as well as DIN 6723 and DIN6724. Perfect for all kinds of plotters. It is suitable for pigment printing as well as for plotters based on water inks.




We grant two types of codes:

  • quota  - reduces the value of ordered goods by a specified gross amount,

  • percentage  - it reduces the value of ordered goods by a certain percentage.

To redeem your discount code, enter it after adding the product or products to the cart.

The codes can be:

  • limited in time or quantity, - usually 30 days

  • for only selected goods, for products of a specific manufacturer or from a specific category,

  • assigned only to a specific user,

  • have a minimum order set, by amount or quantity.


Promotion codes can only be used in the online store

Promotion codes can only be used to obtain a discount on the purchase of products and are not redeemable for money.

Only one code can be used in one order.

Codes can be used in conjunction with other promotions, unless stated otherwise in the promotion.

Discount codes are not tradable

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