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HP P 3015 DN duplex

Subscription from  PLN 27 net monthly

toner and service contract

  • A4 monochrome laser printer

  • Toner on demand  for 5000-7000 prints a4 @ 5% print

  • supply of toners at least once every 3 months 

  • toner and service contract during the contract 12-36 months

  • purchase of toners - 2-3 replacement toners, 10% discount,  4 and more  15%

  • Get CSO Premium Toner

  • Get  FREE OF CHARGE  printer maintenance (parts and labor included)

  • No number of parties or long-term contracts

Subscription  from PLN 39 per month net

toner and service contract

  • Device  A4 monochrome laser printing

  • Toner on demand  for 3000 prints a4 @ 5% print

  • supply of toners, min. once every 3 months 

  • toner and service contract during the contract 12-36 months

  • purchase of toners  - 2-3 toner substitutes 10% discount4 and more  15%


The KATUN company is one of the largest and best known in the world manufacturers of alternative compatible toners, drums and other components for copiers and printers from many manufacturers. Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained over the years, Katun serves over 14,000 customers in 138 countries.

About company

The Katun brand was founded almost 40 years ago in Minneapolis, United States. 
In recent years, the company has focused on supplying distributors and dealers from around the world with very high-quality products, as well as acquiring new customers. The acquired experience and implemented technological processes in the field of production of alternative consumables have made Katun products one of the best in the world in terms of quality and reliability and equal to the original ones.

Katun manufactures the replacements it offers in its own factories or orders (like Sharp or Canon) their production to the largest world producers, based on specifications developed in its own laboratory.

In addition to production, Katun is also working in its own research facilities 
in the field of implementing new solutions and increasing the quality of the offered products without infringing the patent rights of other manufacturers.


Katun primarily supplies a wide range of high-quality alternative toners, i.e. substitutes compatible with laser printers, copiers and multifunctional devices of almost all manufacturers. In addition, the Katun brand offer includes spare parts for professional office equipment, as well as other accessories, such as tool kits, specialized lubricants, vacuum cleaners and other items that technicians need to provide excellent service of professional equipment.

Katun offers its products under the following brands: Katun® Performance ™, Katun® Business Color, Media Sciences® and Katun® Access ™.

Advantages and disadvantages

The strongest point of Katun is the continuous improvement of the quality of toners. Continuous research and tests at all stages of production ensure the quality of original products in terms of performance or color reproduction, which is especially important in the professional use of printers.

Katun uses a precise, US Army standard quality control system. This allows us to offer customers all over the world excellent products of constantly increasing quality, 
and a price significantly lower than the original. Katun products are tested on the basis of numerous technical standards to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency. Katun is certified by international organizations such as ISO, ASTM and ISTA.

One of the company's priorities is also ecological production and care for the environment. Katun has its own recycling program to which all unused materials are processed 
in the production process. Undoubtedly, the quality of the products is evidenced by the continuous satisfaction of even the most demanding customers who decided to use Katun substitutes.

For Polish customers who would like to see the Katon brand and products, a certain difficulty may be the lack of the manufacturer's website in Polish. Although the Katun company has been available on the Polish market for a long time, it is still a little-known brand, and on the Internet you can find only a small amount of information and opinions about its products.

They successfully maintain the quality of products offered by manufacturers of professional office equipment. When choosing toners for printers and copiers, it is worth considering Katun products to convince yourself of their high quality.

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