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Electronic code locks are an innovative product that we meet more and more often in accommodation facilities. These devices have become  convenient solution  for owners of apartments, holiday homes or flats, but also for the landlords themselves.

Therefore, to further automate the facilities, Booking Lock met the expectations of property management clients and created the option of integrating locks with hotel reservation systems.

From January 1, 2020, it is possible to integrate our locks with one of the most popular systems in the hotel industry, i.e. the Hotres company. The option of integrating locks with reservation systems is a suitable solution for owners who want to administer the facilities in one place via the Channel Manager panel.


Modern technologies are more and more often present in our everyday life. Thanks to the convenience
and the amenities they introduce are a convenience for every user. One such solution is electronic locks, which have become an alternative to traditional locks. Currently, we no longer need ordinary keys to open the door, but we only need a PIN code. Electronic locks are widely used in the control systems of hotel facilities, offices, apartments for rent or private premises. These types of closures are comfortable and safe, so they can be suitable for small and large facilities.

Comprehensive management of access to premises for rent

When it comes to hotels or other short-term rental properties, code locks can reduce or completely eliminate front desk service. This way we can  reduce expenses  related
with hiring a person to issue keys, which, as you know, can be expensive. A system such as Booking Lock allows you to remotely manage access to premises, regardless of their location. It allows you to assign keys in the form of a code to the lock, which is sent to the guest via SMS. The landlords can then start their stay at any time, and we save the time that we would have to spend to deliver the keys. Thanks to the virtual management of the facility, the owner has the ability to monitor the entrances of not only guests, but also co-workers or subcontractors, such as a cleaner or a plumber.

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